It takes time to run a plumbing business

Commercial real estate, marketing, new customer acquisition, human resources, debt management, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, taxes, and IT support are just a handful of your job duties - all of that on top of helping customers keep there plumbing systems working properly.We know you are exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated, and probably lacking sleep. You just want everything to make sense but you feel your financials are questionable.

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You just want it to be easy.

We understand how you feel, that's why we offer bookkeeping using the Profit First method. Our goal is to give you accurate and consistent financials while helping you maximize your profit.

Is This You?

You have no idea how your plumbing business is doing. You don't know what's working and what's not working. You just want clear, easy reports and piece of mind from knowing real-time numbers.
Your plumbing business is doing ok, but your'e just not seeing the growth you want. "I've made it this far, now what?"
Embarrassed that your financials are a wreck? You want help, but you just aren't sure how to get it. Your business is in need of more than a CPA. Your plumbing business is in need of someone who can help with sound business decisions.
You're a "Do it Yourselfer" you're confident and good at everything you do. You can handle all this finance stuff and make good business decisions just fine.
Your to-do list just keeps growing. When you aren't with a customer, you are constantly putting out fires. If plumbing was all you had to think about, you would be so much more profitable. But is that possible?
You think "taking your profit first" sounds like a cheesy sales gimmick that would never work for your plumbing business. But you also aren't able to afford paying yourself first!

Are You Ready To Maximize Your Profit?

Exigo Business Solutions utilizes the Profit First method to help manage your cash flow which will transform your shop. Implementing the Profit First method in your business gives you confidence and self- assurance not only in your financials but also in your future business decisions.

The old formula for profit is revenue- expenses= profit, however, it goes against human behavior and is severely outdated. Taking your profit first allows you to better manage your expenses within a set budget.

This system allows you to put money in your pocket first and inspires you to be frugal with your expenses.

Are you ready to maximize your profit?

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Accounting has always been viewed as an “expense” to me, but now I can honestly say that Exigo is an “asset”. Exigo will show you how and help you to put money in your pocket.

Don Hilderbrand
PlumbSmart Technologies, LLC

Turn Your Plumbing Business Around

Start Paying Yourself First

Are you tired of not getting paid even though you feel like most of your time is spent working?

Put your profit first and ensure your expenses are no longer running the show!

We know investing a lot of time in something you love, like your business, without a reward can make your personal life suffer.

Turn your business around today with a FREE Profit Maximizer Session and turn your suffering into success.

Be Confident In Accuracy

Are you tired of the stress and anxiety that comes with preparing your financials?

Do accounting, payroll and tax sound like daunting tasks and the last thing you want to think about?

Would you prefer peace of mind in knowing its being handled by a certified professional?

Maximize Your Profits

You have a lot going on in your business. You shouldn't have to worry about if you are going to be able to pay the bills.

Using the Profit First method takes that fear away.

Flipping the equation around provides awareness on how much money is available for expenses and by human nature, you will automatically work with what you have!

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Start Making Profit A Habit